This page demonstrates how the theme handles galleries, both regular and Jetpack-powered. Galleries come in very handy when you need to show a series of images. Jetpack also provides a nice module called Carousel that lets you browse the images in a nice pop-up slide show.

Jetpack Tiled Gallery

Tiled galleries are best used when you need to showcase images of different sizes in one gallery. Jetpack does all the heavy-lifting and automatically arranges them based on their proportions and aspect ratios.

Regular Gallery

Regular galleries are better when all the images have the same size, or at least aspect ratio. Regular galleries also support Carousel module.

Regular Gallery With Captions

Choose the number of columns wisely when using captions. If captions are too long, it is better to use 2-column layout. Otherwise, use three or more. With captions, you can add some extra information or provide a link to the author of the image if necessary.

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